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FSDSS-313 A Crazy Encounter. He Lures Me Over With The Promise Of Money. Now He Demands To Get Inside My Holes. Ruru Amakuni is a beautiful girl, like other girls, she has a beautiful love with her boyfriend who has known each other since high school. Although the two do not live together, they both fuck each other quite well. However, because both of them do not have stable jobs, their income is not enough to cover their living expenses. So beautiful Ruru got acquainted with a rich sugar daddy. At first, the father promised that he and Ruru would only date them as lovers and not go beyond the limit. However, after their first meeting, the sugar dad could not resist the beauty and attractiveness of the twenty-something girl, so... .

FSDSS-313 Memorable business trip with a rich boss
FSDSS-313 Memorable business trip with a rich boss
 Movie Code: FSDSS-313 
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